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Advancement of the idea: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Health Care for Society’s Benefit


The solution presented below will transform a society and would need more analysis (will be updating this thought path) and details than this summation of an idea. Background The overall health of our nation is not that someone has access to healthcare or many of the branches: dentistry, nutrition guidance, counseling, etc. The health of […]

Dinner for Two – The Usual

Dinner for Two - BCS

Tonight my wife and I went out for dinner.   We have been together for over 30 years, 23+ of that married. I love her today as much if not more than I did when we met. It’s challenging at times though… but anything good gives it back. This is a normal evening out in my brain. […]

One Cold Friday Night

snow drive

Driving south along a dark and frozen 2-lane highway last Friday night, I had plenty to keep me occupied. My wife, ever so quiet and peaceful in the passenger seat reading her cell phone is apparently not aware of the stress I am feeling driving this evening. I am paying close attention to my speed […]

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